The Hope Fund for Children

of Sun City Center, Florida     

Helping Children Learn


History of the Hope Fund


Carla Miles

   Back in 1995, Carla Miles was looking to “find a cause” to work with, to do something good.” 

Carla discovered that the Bethune County Parks and Recreation Program of Wimauma, Florida, only had five children enrolled. There were no other Wimauma families who could afford the $50 per week fee.

   For five years, Carla spoke to every local business and club, and to everyone that she came in contact with, for the purpose of raising money for Wimauma children to attend the after school program. She forged a strong relationship with the Bethune Park After School Program and discovered the needs of the children and their families were many. The needs included school supplies, food, housing, medical and dental, clothes, shoes, and counseling. You name it and Carla found solutions.

   In 2000, a new path opened for Hope. Today, the Hope Fund for Children has more than 60 volunteers working for one hour, once a week, with one child. Hope’s volunteers mentor, tutor, read, and teach chess. Some children are involved with a creative arts program, or a critical thinking group. Kid’s Marathon provides physical education.

   Today’s Hope Fund for Children program is offered at the Wimauma Civic Center with children who come from Wimauma Elementary School.

   Fund raising and donations buys Kindle tablets, books, learning games, field trips, Christmas and end of year parties, and trophies for the Kid’s Marathon. The final fund raising piece provides college or trade school scholarships for any child who attended a program run by The Hope Fund for Children.

   Carla Miles found her cause and HOPE filled her with the love of helping children.

   “When you help the kids, you will affect an entire generation.” Carla Miles


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